July 15, 2020

Stay strong, stay safe, stay together!!!

By Santosh Avalakki - Gen. Secretary, CREA (I)

Dear Friends & CREA (I) Members,

Today is the first day of the second lockdown in Bangalore. To say that we are living in a very challenging time is an understatement. First, we had a complete lockdown, then we had the unlock 1.0, then unlock 2.0, and now we are in lockdown again for about a week at the minimum.

COVID 19 is a pandemic that has devastated the economies of the countries and has also affected and the health and well-being of its people. There are about 13.4 million cases around the world as of now. In India, which had one of the most severe lockdowns, all sectors of the economy have been affected. The lockdown and the loss of business that followed have affected all of us in some way or the other. Our physical and mental health, finances, personal habits, peace of mind, and our very way of living have been challenged. No one has been spared. Everyone has been affected in varying degrees.

As challenging and as difficult the current situation is, we cannot let it defeat us. It is not insurmountable. We have to first deal with it by following all the safety guidelines and then over time, defeat it. There is no other way. We cannot surrender ...

Someone once said, “It is not what happens to you, but how you react to what happened that matters.” That is the most appropriate adage right now. The entire world is going through a crisis, it's not just you and me. The ones who see the silver lining on the dark cloud will be the ones who first survive and then thrive and the ones who survive now will thrive more than ever.

Right now, the business outlook may look bleak, payments may be stuck, deals may not be happening, but just as day follows night, Spring follows Winter, this too shall pass ...

Some experts may say that commercial real estate is dead, consumers will not buy in this market unless you give about a 20% discount, migrant labor will not come back, etc. Some realtors may not have closed a deal or even lost a few deals in the last 4 to 6 months and may begin to believe all the above is true ... but just pause and remember some of our members like Manjesh, Pankaj Malhotra, Vasu Jain, and one of our newest members, Pooja Shetty, to name a few, have shown us otherwise. They have shown us that demand is still there; people still want to buy, rent, lease, etc. They have shown us that we have to be optimistic, put in the hard work, and hope for the best. Our knowledge & services are required more than ever.

Only a realtor can relate and understand other realtors’ problems. Only a realtor can help another realtor get business. Only one realtor can work with another realtor to solve his/her business problems. Now is the time to stay together and help each other out. Our association has some of the best realtors in Bangalore. Please take advantage of this association with greater

vigor to overcome the gloom this pandemic has caused. When we stick together, problems become easier to overcome.

Success is contagious, success is infectious, success is inspirational - that’s why we encourage members to post their success stories. It’s our firm belief that all CREA (I) members are winners and success is just around the corner.

It is said that “whatever you focus on grows”. Focus on building relationships, focus on providing service, focus on finding opportunities. It may not happen overnight. But start the journey right now because I am sure you will find the journey to be very rewarding. You may also find some of your friends who are already on it.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay together!!!