About Us

Inception of CREA (I)

The idea of CREA (1) started when leading experienced stalwarts of Real Estate business moved away from an existing realtor association & they dreamed of a new proactive association and thereafter a group of 16 Realtors attended the first informal meeting and decided to form a new association called CREA (1)

Mr. Pradeep Joe was lected to lead in formation to the association -CREA (I).

Major Programs of CREA (I)

CREA (I) launched a ground breaking program called "Know Your Developer" - (KYD). This Program was essentially conceived to bring the Developers and their projects close to every single member of CREA (I) by holding bimonthly event in a 5 star Convention hall. It has been a resounding success with Brigade Group, Purvankara, Vaishnavi Developers, Nitesh Estates, RMZ Group, Mantri, Sabha Developers, Total Environment, Citrus Ventures, Fortuna Developers, Habitat Ventures, Reliaable Developers etc. This program has brought value and more business to both Realtors and the Developers. And, KYD continues on this blazing trail. We also conduct training programs regularly so that our members can upgrade their skills and knowledge. Regular training programs are also a way of making sure our members are confident, professional and transparent in all their business transactions.


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Expectations of Realtors


Realtor's major issues were not addressed in the market.


The Realtors were looking for a proactive association a common voice.


The Realtors were looking at a better commission deal and Realtor protection program when doing business with a Developer.


Realtors were looking at an Association whose members were educated, classy and an active audience.

Milestones and Future of CREA (I)

CREA (I) signed historic bilateral co-operation agreement with CREDAI. The agreement was signed by our CREA (I) president Mr. Pradeep Joe and CREDAI president Mr. SushiI Mantri.

CREA (I) has plans to go PAN- India and set up centres in major cities of India.

Today CREA (I) is the youngest and largest Realtor Association in the State of Karnataka.

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This was exactly when Demonetisation impacted Real Estate Business - December 2016. I was exhausted after repeated follow-ups with the CEO to receive our Brokerage, though the Registration was complete 1 month back. After reaching the threshold of patience and realizing it's hard to get help these days, at that moment we contacted Mr. Pradeep Joe, his involvement through a personal call & formal mail set things right in 2 weeks. This valuable help will never be forgotten by our team and we truly owe him. Proud to be a CREA(I) Member!!"


Friendly Realtors

I am Murthy, from Murthy Estate, proud member of CREA (1). I am very much grateful to CREA (I) and its Sub-Committee for grievances, particularly our President Mr.Pradeep Joe, for the intervention of solving my grievance in getting the long pending Commission of Rs.2. 65 lakhs from Nitesh Developers and around Rs.6 Lakhs from Aratt Developers.
I once again thank CREA (I) and proud to be part of it.


Murthy Estate

We were not getting our commissions from a leading Developer with a reason that even though we were registered with them as channel partner but had not signed the agreement with them and thus no commissions would be paid to us against the sale.
After Mr. Machaiah and Mr. Pradeep Joe's taking up the case with Developer's Management, payment was immediately released. We thank the Confederation for helping the Realtors.

CM Jagadish

AAAJ Marketing

I joined CREA (I) to create a larger Sphere of influence to grow my Business as much as I want, because Real Estate market never dies.


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