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We are the largest association in the country

CREA (I) believes in and works towards being the binding force between the builder and the buyer through efficient, effective and ethical practices.Aspiration is at the root of growth. CREA (I)’s story begins in 2010. The real estate sector in Karnataka, specifically Bangalore was going through heady phase of growth which began a good two decades before. The sector was entering a mature phase, amidst evolved customer expectations which the existing real estate body wasn’t able to cope up with. New generation property buyers demanded a better informed and transparent intermediation in course of buying a property. Sensing this, a few experienced real estate associates came together informally and CREA (I) was born as a registered body on 26-07-2010 with Mr. Pradeep Joe of First Estate as the President and founding members.

Vision : To promote and facilitate the business interests of real estate associates by cooperating and interacting with builders and buyers through optimal professional means.

Mission : At a broad level, CREA (I) believes in and works towards being the binding force between the builder and the buyer through efficient, effective and ethical practices.

To enable this personality, CREA (I):Equips its members with the necessary education and expose them to effective methods of customer service, dispute redressal and proactive handling of professional issues.

Create platforms to foster networking opportunities, exchange of information and ideas. Emphasises its role as a crucial interface in the builder – buyer equation and the measurable benefits it delivers to both parties and shapes public opinion about real estate associates’ value to the society.



The NAR-INDIA Annual Convention is the most awaited real estate event that is attended by thousands of national and international delegates.

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CREA (I) is a great association which can give representation to the government, and where the realtors are able to address their concerns. It is an interactive organization and the members should definitely take advantage of it.

Anup Shah


M/s. Anup Shah Law Firm

The event was very well organized and professionally conducted. In fact a lot of good discussions happened where some innovative and creative ideas were shared. It was enlightening for the realtors and well as for us (Advocates) because of the kind of questions that were asked and the information that was shared. CREA (I) as an organization is doing well and should conduct more of such events.

Kusuma Muniraju


M/s. Kusuma Advocate

CREA (I) has been a key promoter for our flagship project at Dollar Colony and has created history in pre-launch with its vast expertise in real estate and the right selling attitude. These traits have made it possible for them to achieve remarkable presence in the Bangalore plotted development arena. Dollar colony has etched itself as a landmark and kudos to CREA (I) for co-creating this success.

Ram Reddy


Reliaable Developers

What CREA (I) does very well is that it brings together large group of realtors and builders under one roof through it various programs. One such program that the association host is called Know Your Developer (KYD). It provides a platform for both small channel partners and high performing realtors to meet the developers who in turn give business to them. It is a great platform and an even greater initiative which we at Vaishnavi Group have been a part of. CREA (I) is making a huge difference by bringing together realtors and by providing access to a quality association.

Cyriac Joseph

Senior VP Sales

Vaishnavi Group